Possession (Pt 2)

Suddenly Anna realises she’s remembering the events of that night. Trying to shake herself out of them Anna struggles for a second before giving up, knowing that she will have to relive them until the end.

Watching as if through another’s eyes Anna sees herself walk across the foyer books into the hotel and goes to her room, later she comes back down and goes to the bar and takes a seat, she orders a drink and looks round picking out the solitary men, after a second Anna turns back and orders another drink flirting with the bartender. After half an hour she starts to feel herself becoming frustrated, none of the men she’s seen so far pique her interested. Collecting her bag Anna stands to leave as a group of men enter the bar laughing at something, they stop and look round and she sees 2 of them look at her, one murmurs a comment and 3 others laugh quietly.

As they walk over to a group of seats Anna decides to wait for a while to see what happens, seating herself back down and ordering a third drink. Almost as if she has eyes in the back of her head Anna can see the men talking quietly while at the same time she watches them in the bar mirror, each one glances her way every so often. After a little while one gets up and approaches the bar, ordering drinks for the group, he slips up beside her and quietly says hello. Anna feels herself look at him and smile, ‘Hello yourself’ she answers as she turns towards him crossing her legs allowing her dress to slip off her knee showing more than half her thigh. As he looks down she feels herself lean forward ‘like what you see?’ she hears her soft voice ask.

Looking at her cleavage he grins and replies ‘you have a room here?’ without a word she nods slipping the room card towards him. Unable to control what’s happening she watches as he slips it into his pocket. As Anna stands she leans into him, lips to his ear she whispers ‘not just you’ glancing at his friends she makes sure he understands her meaning, turning she walks out. Heading to the desk she tells the clerk she must have left her room card upstairs and without a word he hands her another. Heading to the elevator Anna feels herself tremble, still unable to shake herself out of these memories she continues watching as her body steps into the elevator and waits for the door to close and just stands there without pushing any buttons. Minutes pass and finally the doors open again, Anna looks out through another’s eyes to see the men standing there, they look back for a second and then enter, standing close to the buttons Anna waits until the doors close then presses her floor, turning she looks at each one before undoing the belt of her dress, letting it fall open she lets them see the sheer black bra and panty set she has on.

Pulling the dress open further she smiles ‘well boys how do i look?’ Anna’s controlled body exposes the half cup bra pushing her breast up, her nipples exposed for all to see. One of the men steps forward without a word he runs a finger over a nipple eliciting a moan for Anna’s lips, looking her in the eyes as he leans forward he takes it into his mouth, another moan breaks the spell on the other men and suddenly Anna feels their hands running all over her almost mauling her,feeling a hand slip into her panties she leans back against the wall opening her legs wider, feeling the hand moving further down and slipping between her legs she moans louder, the finger find her pussy lips.... suddenly the elevator stops the doors opening on her floor, Anna pushes away from the wall walking between the men leading the way to her room.

Opening the door without a backwards glance she enters leaving it open, knowing the men have followed her, able to see everything at the same time as if in a dream. She hears the door close and turns, seeing them all standing there her smile widens, ’lets play’ she whispers. The men close on her but seeing her shake her head they stop, ‘i want to see what i’m getting’ she demands and watches as each one strips naked. Gazing at each man in turn she gasps at the sight of the different sized cocks some thick others longer but all standing hard and erect for her pleasure.

Climbing on to the bed on all fours Anna sees herself beckon the nearest one to her, as he steps up she grasps his cock in her hand and strokes it a couple of time before taking it deep in her mouth running her tongue round and round it. The other men take it as the signal to join in, Anna feels her dress pulled up onto her back and hands tug and pull at her underwear, fingers probe her holes making her moan louder, she feels her nipples taken into mouths and sucked, bitten and pulled on. Working her head faster on the cock in her mouth she feels it throbbing harder, knowing it’s about to shoot she pulls it out letting it cover her face, pumping up and over her hair before taking it back in to her mouth and sucking it dry.

Anna watches ashamed as the controlling force moves her to the end of the bed, leaning over with feet on the floor and looking back she hears her voice command ‘fuck me someone’ before anyone else can move the 1st guy from the bar pushes deep inside her spreading her damp pussy with his thick cock, looking back she beckons another man to her and sucking his cock pushing back onto the cock inside her, timing her moves for both she lets them use her, glancing round she sees other men stroking as they watch and beckons them closer, realising what she means they renew their stroking and each in turn shoots over her body covering her in their cum, Anna’s dress stick to her back as she feels the cock inside her jump and start pumping its load deep inside her. Just then she gags as without warning the cock in her mouth fills it with hot cum, Anna’s forced to swallow it all or choke.

Pushing the man in front away as the one behind pulls out Anna feels herself stand, point to one of the men she hasn’t tried yet she gestures for him to lay on the bed and straddles him easing his rock hard long cock inside herself she slowly moves and the others watch her, glancing at another she leans forward so the man below her can suck her cum covered breast, and slowly gestures for him to get behind her, he moves quickly thinking she wants him to fuck her arsehole before he can move Anna sees herself reach round and grasping his cock start to push it in to her already filled pussy crying out as she does it, unable to stop himself the man forces his cock inside her and both men start to fuck her moving first together then pumping her hot swollen stretched pussy, one pushing in as the other pulls out Anna screams with pleasure and pain, after a few minutes the second man pulls out and forces his still hard cock into her arsehole and both men pound her holes together moving in harmony making Anna sob louder and louder as they abuse her holes ignoring her sounds, suddenly the last man appears in front of her grabbing Anna hair and pulling her head back, the watching Anna tries to pull away as he forces his huge black cock in to her mouth, knowingshe can’t change what happened Anna stares on mortified as the man feeds more and more of it into her mouth, her head welcomes it with sharp short movements at first then the watching Anna sees her body spasm and both men fill her holes with their cum, the black man still pounding away at her mouth now has all 10 inches of his thick monstrous cock deep inside Anna’s mouth, she knows it must be deep down her throat as he cries out stiffening as he finally shoots his load into her.

Feeling herself relax Anna sags onto the man underneath her only to be push on to her back as the men change places, this time Anna is lifted onto a man’s lap as he lays back his hard cock entering her arsehole as the men holding her force her to slide onto it leaning her back a second man enters her already dripping pussy and they begin to fuck her anew. By now the watching Anna can see her body is wracked with continuous orgasms, hearing her own voice getting hoarser and hoarser through continuous screaming and moaning, the other men gather round her and again stroke themselves to completion shooting their final loads over her breasts, body and face.

After filling her pussy one last time the man underneath pushes Anna off and she just sees all 5 men dressing before she passes out... hours later Anna comes too and her memories catch up with her, suddenly the images fade and Anna shoots up in her bed crying out and shaking her world returning to reality, shaking uncontrollably Anna promises herself she will get to the bottom of what’s happening to her and try to stop what she now knows is a curse.
Curling up into a ball Anna falls into a fitful sleep hoping she can stop things happening to her soon.










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